Chitrak Shah - The Real Estate Magnate Known For His Innovative Spirit

Chitrak Shah is a name now synonymous with real estate sector in India because he led some unique projects that shine as icons and serve as the finest inspirations for others to follow. Chitrak leads Shivalik Group which has been instrumental in various high profile realty projects of residential and commercial orientations. His projects are particularly known for the architectural finesse and styles which are unique and artistic and develop appeal in any enthusiastic mind who aspires for perfection, art and beauty! Such ingredients in Shivalik's projects have been ensured by Chitrak Shah who has continuously endeavored to make out better and unique designs through his keen passion. Shivalik Arcade and Shivalik Highstreet are among the leading marvels that define the Group and its calibers in the realty sector of India.

The making of Chitrak -

Chitrak Shah was a different soul since childhood and when he grew up, he found his affinities with the hard work and pursuits for uniqueness. Such abilities were of course rare and he passionately cultured the same through his refined perceptions. While Chitrak's father waded through the market and tried deciphering the trends of indices in India, he felt the heat due to the instabilities of 1990s and decided to not let his son take the same path. S N Shah took the decisive step to make the switch and he set up a venture with the banner of S N Developers that was oriented towards real estate sector. Chitrak found his place as a trainee in this nascent venture of his father. However, as a trainee he found the scene much engaging and got ample opportunities in a period of about five years to learn about the requirements and dynamics of the sector. This transient period proved to be the major determinant of his transformation and made him a man of might and calibers as far as real estate sector was concerned.

Awards at his credit -

Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot became the hubs of realty development under Shivalik Group. The marvelous designing interventions and architecture earned clients for Shivalik Group who keep returning as repeat buyers! Due to his sheer prominence in Gujarat and Indian real estate sector, he earned various recognitions and awards at his credit. Chief among these awards are 'Best Realty Brand' by 'The Economic Times' in 2015 and also the 'Business Knight'. In 2011, Planman Media conferred 'Realty Lord of the Land' Award on him. Chitrak Shah also ventured into hospitality sector by investing his experiences that he achieved in real estate sector. His landmark hospitality project was named as 'Platinum Hotel' and proved his mettle in the sector. This was followed by a chain of restaurants under the name of 'Qwiches' which presently has 9 service places in 5 different cities of Gujarat.

His present designations -

Chitrak Shah holds various positions in industry associations and boards on account of his expertise and performance in real estate sector. He is the member of FICCI and GCCI and is also on the Advisory Board of YMCA Ahmedabad. He is serving at the post of M D of G.I.H.E.D. and is the Co-Founder of EO-GUJARAT. He is also -

1. Managing Director, Shivalik Projects

2. Founder & Managing Director, Qwiches

3. Managing Director, DIPALISHAH

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